Mission and approach

The Estates and Facilities
Management contract

ENGIE are contracted to deliver the Estates and Facilities Management (EFM) contract on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on behalf of the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC). The contract approach is one of “Affordable excellence and sustainable legacy through whole-life management of the landscape, essential infrastructure and social assets for our clients and communities”. This approach is built on the belief that a successful park is connected to its local community. To achieve this, the vision for delivering the EFM contract has to be linked to the delivery of the LLDC’s “Priority Themes” for social, economic and environmental regeneration in the local area that represent the regeneration legacy.

Our Parklife plays an important part in the ‘Convergence’ Ambition – that the Park will be the catalyst for long term regeneration and growth in East London, helping to “close the gap in performance and prospects between the wealthiest and poorest communities and in so doing bringing benefits for all”.

Our Parklife’s mission

Our Parklife’s mission is to connect local people to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park through volunteering, training and employment opportunities. These opportunities help integrate and connect local neighbourhoods and communities to a world class Park.

As well as maximising local employment, training and volunteering opportunities with their well-recognised social and economic benefits, the CIC also involves the community in its decision making, and reinvests all income in the venture to ensure long-term value and viability.