Our Team

Rowan Longhurst – General Manager

Originally trained as a Landscape Architect at the University of Sheffield, Rowan has worked within the consultancy, charitable and private sectors both in the UK and abroad. Her experience stems from roles varying from strategic landscape planning, volunteer management, marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility. She has always been interested in how local people shape the communities they live, whether it be through practical engagement or ideas generation. She loves maps and her bike.

Rowan Longhurst

Adele Lefebvre – Volunteer Manager

Adele has a wide experience in working with volunteers both in the UK and abroad as well as an extensive Customer Service background. While studying design in France, Adele worked in a landscape agency before creating her own kite company. She has always been interested in being part of events and activities in outdoor areas. She started working with volunteers when running community events and especially in China for the World Kite Championships. She moved to London in 2012 and has been caught in the excitement of the Olympic and Paralympic Games ever since.

Adele Lefebvre

Ian Monteath – Customer Services and Volunteer Duty Manager

Ian was born in Chile, grew up in Brazil, and has a Swiss Mother and British father. For over 35 years Ian worked in Aviation, arranging chartered flights for a range of customers and clients. This included helicopters, executive jets and up to Boeing 747s. The Olympic and Paralympic Games saw Ian join the Team London Ambassadors which marked the beginning of a career change working at the Green Park Pod. Like many others he was inspired by the volunteer movement and when the opportunity arose to become a Park Champion volunteer, he signed up and became a Team Leader. He has been an avid volunteer ever since which led to him joining the team as a Duty Manager. He continues to spend much of his spare time volunteering including within the Lee Valley, and on match days you’ll often see him at Saracens Rugby matches.

Ian Monteath

Alison Richmond – Customer Services and Volunteer Duty Manager

Alison originally trained in hotel and catering management at Westminster College London and Oxford Polytechnic and more recently spent 5 years on the frontline as a GP receptionist. Having started volunteering at sporting events as a London 2012 Gamesmaker, she has continued to volunteer as a Park Champion and also as a London Ambassador for Team London. She is also a core volunteer at her local parkrun which encouraged her to start running. This has all contributed to her experience in customer service and has led to employment as Customer Services and Volunteer Duty Manager at the Park. In 2016 she went to Rio as a volunteer and she now also works for West Ham United Football Club as a Supporter Liaison Officer Area Supervisor on matchdays.