Corporate Volunteering

Corporate Volunteering gives an opportunity to provide fun, rewarding and meaningful experiences to businesses who want to make a difference in the Park and East London.

Our Parklife has developed Corporate Volunteering opportunities on the Park, with the assistance of idverde, to help further engage businesses in the Park.

In 2017, we saw a significant increase in the number of businesses volunteering on the Park, welcoming over 260 volunteers from 10 different businesses, and we hope this continues into 2018.

Activities in 2018:

  • Californian Poppy Planting
  • Wetland Habitat Management
  • Meadow Scything
  • …and many more to come

Corporations who engaged so far in 2018 include…

Benefits of volunteering with us at the Park:

  • Team building
  • Direct investment in Park and ‘Legacy Projects’
  • Opportunities to tailor tasks to group needs, company campaign days or staff skills
  • Quantifiable social and environmental value resulting from activities

Wetland Habitat Management

On 21st May 13 volunteers from Intel helped with Wetland Habitat Management in the North Park. The 13 volunteers took part in various activities from ‘Balsam bashing’ to beetle habitat building. The team improved over 60m² of wetland, clearing 10 tonne bags of green waste.








Californian Poppy Bank

On 20th April 2018 volunteers from North Highland helped re-established the Californian Poppy Bank. The 80 strong team prepared the 2500m² banking and planted over 1800 poppies, helping restore the Poppy meadows in time for summer.

The hard work put in by North Highland was continued by volunteers from ENGIE UK, helping plant thousands more poppies over the two days spent with us on the Park


If you are company/organisation that would like to get involved in what we are doing here at Our Parklife please contact Rowan Longhurst from the information below.