Park Champions become West Ham United hosts


Since West Ham United’s move into London Stadium at the start of August, Park Champions have been welcoming supporters and assisting them with a variety of queries.
It is an exciting time for our local Park Champions and West Ham supporters to be part of the club’s move to the Park.

“Being a football fan, this is exciting to volunteer for West Ham games. I can relate to the supporters’ banter and their excitement for their team. It is a pleasure to meet the West Ham fans, take pictures with them and they seem to be happy with the information we are giving them.”
Mark Orton

“From the Boleyn to the Chicken Run not forgetting the North Bank and the bag of Percy Dalton’s roasted peanuts. These are all memories of the past. I have been a West Ham supporter for the last 64 years, went to my first match in 1952. Now it’s my pleasure along with all the Park Champions to welcome all footballs fans to the London Stadium, I love to talk with all the fans and help them when needed. Let’s keep those memories but look forward to the future of West Ham United, supporters along with the ever helpful Park Champions.”
Graham Soames

“I am a keen football fan and supporter of the game as a whole. I travel up and down the country to different stadiums and it always makes a difference on how friendly and approachable people are to your overall day and experience of the Stadium. The London Stadium is a fantastic legacy of the Olympic Games! I have enjoyed seeing it grow and feel very proud of where I live and work and would like to use this passion to be a great ambassador on game days.”
Amy Ward